Points Rules

You will receive 10 points for signing up & 5 for running – 1st place will get 15 points, 2nd 14, 3rd 13, and so on down to 1 point, and everyone from there on will receive 1 point – ex 1st place 30 pts, 2nd 29 pts, down to 15th place will get 16 points, and every place that is lower than 16th will also receive 16 points.

If your vehicle has made at least one pass and brakes and you can’t or wish not to run you will take the last place& points – if more than one vehicle is not able to run you will place in the order you drew – ex, if vehicles #2 and #21 both can’t run vehicle #2, will place ahead of vehicle #21 – If you get disqualified you will get 0 points for placement, but you will receive 10 for signing up and 5 for running – DQ = anyone not staying in bounds, not allowing a measurement, or not following any of the safety rules

Scratch is 10 points – only if your vehicle doesn’t run at all in any classes – if you pull to the line once the worst you can do in any class is the last place with that vehicle.